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Creative Crafting magazine began in August/September 2009, when a group of crafting friends on the Creative Connections network decided that it would be a good idea to raise awareness of the crafting community. From this point they started work and the first issue of Creative Crafting was published in October 2009 and the last was June 2014.
Now we are bringing you everything crafty from the home and beyond.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Calling all Recyclers

As some of you will know, the next issue of our Creative Crafting magazine will be out on 1st April.  As usual, we are on the lookout for fabulous pieces to feature and guest contributors to do articles, recipes and projects for us. 

We are however, looking to recruit a permanent contributor to help us out with articles on recycling crafts.  Projects for recycling etc.

If you would be able to spare us the time every two months please let us know as we would love to meet you.  We are a voluntary magazine and you will recieve lots of advertising for your online business.

Please contact us here

Thank you!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Creative Crafting Awards!

Every issue of Creative Crafting we will be rewarding two awards! One for blog of the month, and the other to the shop of the month.
So this issue blog of the month award goes to:

Jade from Lily Whites

and shop of the month award goes to:
Hearts for Haiti

Please feel free to add these to your own blog or shop!

You can find more about the blog and shop by going to page 41 of this months Creative Crafting Magazine!

Creative Crafting Issue 3 - Valentine/Mothers Day February 2010

Welcome to Creative Crafting Blog!
We are delighted to be able to bring you our 3rd issue of Creative Crafting Magazine - with a Valentine & Mother's Day theme.
We hope you will enjoy reading it, and if you have missed out on the other two issues, you will find them on the right hand side.