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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

From trash to treasure - Guest post by Pheeby Snow

When the time for a huge Spring cleaning has come, or if you have simply decided to make some changes in your home, you will indisputably find out that  there are many things that you will consider appropriate for throwing away. Whether it comes to smaller items, or to things that we have simply forgotten in some corner, buried under a pale of books or wallpapers, we can certainly find something that we want to throw away in the fastest possible way. In this article we will give you another perspective and alternatives for experimenting with various ideas with some of the things that you plan to throw away. If you are a person that really wants to develop its creative skills and that possesses the needed imagination, we are quite sure that after reading this, you will be able to turn the trash into treasure.

Here are some fresh ideas that you help you to transform some useless items into something suitable for your home:

The useful cereal boxes

If you wonder what to do with the cereal boxes that stay in the cupboards, calmly waiting to be thrown away we suggest you another interesting alternative – you can transform them into little painted boxes, where you can put some tiny but essential objects. You can paint the cereal boxes by using different materials and you can also use a glue

The old film candle rings
If you, by any chance have found some old films in your home and you are wondering what to do with them we will come with a great suggestion for you. As these films are already out-of-date you can without any hesitation use  them for other purposes. You need a fake candle and a piece of the old film. Put it with the help of a stick and then light the candle. As the film, is transparent, the effect will be amazing.

The sadly looking crayons

If you have stumbled over some crayons that have been in poor condition do not hurry up to throw them away. Instead you can use a silicone muffin pan and after removing all of the wrappers from the crayons and braking them into small pieces, you can place them there. Then you need to put the pan in the oven, until the crayons are melted. After you take the pan out of the oven let the wax cool to a room temperature. The crayons will acquire the form of the muffin, which is very innovative and interesting idea for all the crayons that had been out of use.

The irritating leftover paper cups

If are determined to throw away all the paper cups that you have found in your home, be prepared for the most interesting ideas that we will offer to your attention. An innovative way to reuse your paper cups is to use them for baking cupcakes. Even if it sounds weird if you clean the cup carefully and then you dry them carefully you can use them for the baking of your cupcakes. You can bake the cupcakes at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit without hesitation.

These are some fresh ideas for things that you do not need to throw away but can use for other purposes as well. Before you transform them, make sure that you have cleaned the objects in an immaculate way so that all the potential germs have been killed. Once you have finished with the cleaning, you are free to show your creative skills and to turn the trash into treasure. It is not difficult, the only thing to do is to devote some free time to these activities.

Author Bio: Pheeby Snow is a busy mom who works for TopDomesticCleaners Lee. No matter her busy schedule she always finds enough time for her family. She is an expert in DIY projects.