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Friday, 29 November 2013

Project: Silk Stocking Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial

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You will need:
Hand painted silk or fancy fabrics of your
Needle and thread or sewing machine
Iron on interfacing
Ribbon for hanging
Gold iron fix outliner for decoration (or
beads / buttons / sequins)

Step 1. Choose your fabric, with a
small enough pattern that it will look
good on the stocking. Choose a
contrasting or coordinating piece for
the top. You could also make a piece
of patchwork.

Step 2. Select a piece big enough
to make two stocking pieces, and
back it with iron-on interfacing. This
makes it more rigid and helps it to
be a more robust tree ornament.
(The interfacing is optional if you are using heavy / upholstery fabric.)

Step 3. Cut out two stockings,
leaving room around them for
seams. Remember you need one
facing each way, so you may want
to do this by folding your fabric in

Interview: Felting Dreams

To get a copy of our full issue please visit our site

We interview

Felting Dreams By Johana Molina

Tell us about the lady behind Felting Dreams
Johana Molina. I’m 24 years old and live in Calera de Tango, a rural town in
Santiago of Chile where I have lived my whole life with my family and my
future husband too. I am a self-taught artist, writer, doll artist and
illustrator. I’m a shy person who enjoys the simple things of life. I love the
beauty, little details that can be magical if you can appreciate with the heart

When did you first begin creating your designs, and why?
A bit more than two years ago, when I started felting, I realized that all was possible with this wonderful technique. Then I started to try to make all of the little friends that I had always imagined.

Feature: We Love Markets, We Love Christmas

Around this time last year, I was in what could really be described as a Crafty-Christmas-Paradise; Germany in December is literally a dreamland for lovers of Christmas, crafts, and above all things, MARKETS. It’s with this wonderland of an inspiration in mind that, although back in Blighty, the I Love Markets team were determined to create some truly festive marketplaces for all you artists, designers, seamstresses and scissorsmiths this winter.

Markets, crafts and Christmas form three points of a beautifully constructed love triangle, and I LoveMarkets are very keen to be the string which holds that triangle together. Whilst we don’t have the Gluhwein like our German mates, we do have plenty of glue!

Portobello Rocks!
December 7th, 10am-5pm
Portobello Green Market, Under the Westway, London W10 5XL
Entry: Free! 

Portobello Market is quite possibly one of the most iconic marketplaces that the UK has the pleasure of nurturing, and the home to not just ridiculous amounts of budding arts and craft businesses, but also a haven for unique fashion and food.
My mum, who grew up in the area, always tells me how atmospheric the market gets in the run up to Advent, with aromas of patchouli and fresh tangerines warming the spirits of stallholders who brave the cold from early hours. The I Love Markets team are unsurprisingly excited to be bringing our regular pop-up which we host at Portobello Green into the Christmas months, with an array of talented crafters brightening up our stalls.