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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Valentines Day Craft Ideas

Written by Sarah at
Valentine’s Day should be a day of fun and romance, so I’ve had a look at my favourite inspiration site – Pinterest and chosen some of my favourite ideas to make your own gifts.

1. Spooning

I absolutely love this idea, such a simple yet effective present, all you need is a frame, spoons, paint, glue and letter stencils. I had a thought….if your partner is a keen baker you could use a mini wooden spoon to reflect their character!

Picture Link:

2. Love Heart Sweet Tree

Yet another simple but great idea, and the tip would be to use your partner’s favourite sweets. All you need is a foam ball, sweets (remember you will need to fill the pot too), cocktail sticks or edible glue (depending on the type of sweets you are using), a strong stick, ribbon and a pot.

Picture Link:
Tutorial Link:

3. DIY Man Mug

What would you say about your man? – It would be easy to get carried away and design a set of personalised mugs!

Picture Link:
Tips Link:

4. Felt Fortune Cookies

If you’re feeling extra creative and have plenty of time, these fortune cookies may be a great idea….and you can create your own fortunes…maybe a proposal?

Picture Link:
Tutorial Link:

5. Heart Cake Pops

I do enjoy a cake pop, and with these you could also personalise them – If you have a steady hand!

Picture Link:
Tutorial Link:

If you’d like to see more ideas, take a look at the Crafty Magpie Valentine’s Day Crafts Board on Pinterest

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


*** BIG NEWS! ***

We had an editorial meeting at Creative Crafting HQ yesterday afternoon and some big decisions were made.

For 2014 Creative Crafting will be changing to a quarterly magazine where we flow with the seasons giving our writers more time to submit their work and more defined issues. If you would like to be involved in any of the following issues please let us know. (Thank you to everyone who is already going to submit for our March Issue, previously Feb)

Spring Issue - 1st March (copy deadline 1st Feb) themes to include spring and Easter and other holidays through spring.

Summer Issue - 1st June (copy deadline 1st May) themes to include, holidays, summer, beach, back to school etc.

Autumn Issue - 1st September (copy deadline 1st August) themes to include autumn, Halloween etc.

Winter Issue - 1st December (copy deadline 1st November) themes to include Christmas, Winter, Valentines etc.

In between these issues we will also be releasing some Kindle Books on Amazon and other e-reader sites.

LOTS to look forward to. 

If you would like to write for us please email