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Creative Crafting magazine began in August/September 2009, when a group of crafting friends on the Creative Connections network decided that it would be a good idea to raise awareness of the crafting community. From this point they started work and the first issue of Creative Crafting was published in October 2009 and are still publishing today.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Second Christmas Winning Wednesday

Here are all the entrants for the second Christmas
'Winning Wednesday' competition to win one of our fabulous
Graphic Adverts (worth £20) in the Christmas Edition of Creative Crafting.

We had a 49 wonderful crafter's enter the competition this week, and as as usual you have all been allocated your own number:

  1. Angela Cross
  2. Lorraine Dowdle
  3. Sam Hollinsworth
  4. Sammie Richardson
  5. Maggie Bagwash
  6. Daveyb David Bovill
  7. Jane Susanna Ennis
  8. Lisa's Hand Made Card's
  9. Gemma Andrews
  10. Joy Shallcross
  11. Carol Bateup
  12. Steff Dreamsuntold
  13. Emma Cole-Hamilton
  14. Sophie Franck
  15. Marianne Hall
  16. Jesse Holliland
  17. Helen Platten
  18. Kelly 'womble' Johnson
  19. Vickie Christian
  20. Jan Johnson
  21. Charlotte Brooks
  22. Starr Burgess
  23. Amanda Robins
  24. Carole Wilkinson
  25. Kelly Scott Was Oakley
  26. Blue Button
  27. Layla Oates
  28. clairezcardz
  29. cheerymishmash
  30. gnomead
  31. MissBaclartDesigns
  32. dreamsuntold
  33. cutiecupid
  34. chulscharms
  35. moodycowdesigns
  36. Mirribeads
  37. PaulazJewelz
  39. pantsandpaper
  40. GailGriggs
  41. bespokecards
  42. SparrowPrimitives
  43. sianbostwick
  44. Oldskoolretro
  45. cinnamonjewellery
  46. CarefordCreations
  47. rubenthecat
  48. sixesandsevens
  49. madebydolly
We used to generate a number, and here is the result!

Amanda Robins from

you have won an one of our Graphic Adverts (worth £20)
in the Christmas issue of Creative Crafting Magazine.

If you were unlucky to win an advert you can still purchase your own advert from £2 at
Creative Crafting Magazine.

The deadline for adverts in the Halloween Issue has now passed.
But we are taking bookings for the Christmas edition!


Amanda Robins said...

Ooh, what a fab surprise! I won, I won! THanks so much!!

Gimme That Thing

Faye Hadfield said...

congratulations, Amanda! xx