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Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Eighth Father's Day Winning Wednesday

Here are all the entrants for the eighth Father's Day 'Winning Wednesday' competition to win one of our fully click-able A6 (1/4 page) adverts in our June Edition of Creative Crafting.

We had 9 crafter's enter the competition this week, and as as usual you have all been allocated your own number.
  1. Jackie Newport Craftyspecials 
  2. Jan Johnson 
  3. Recykilt Crafts 
  4. Dab Dash 
  5. Angela Cross 
  6. Umbel Handmade Mania 
  7. Katie Chaplin 
  8. Gemma Andrews 
  9. Miss Bohemia Jewellery 

We used to generate a number, and here is the result!

Umbel Handmade Mania  

You have won a FREE A6 (1/4 page) graphic advert in the Father's Day issue of Creative Crafting Magazine!

If you were not lucky enough to win this week, we have fantastic rates of adverting from just £2!

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