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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Week 2. Ready - Set - Post.

Welcome back to week 2 of Ready - Set - Post. This weeks competition was to win a HUGE prize of a one  year subscription banner advert in our directory (6 issues).

All you had to do was comment on this picture.

Ready - Set - Post image
We loved the cute, and funny comments this week! They did make us giggle! Keep it up ;)

Here are the 21 crafters thats entered the competition this week.

  1. Jesse Holliland 
  2. Deborah Davey 
  3. Robin Moody 
  4. Margaret Forsythe 
  5. MissBohemia Jewellery 
  6. Claire Vize 
  7. Pixie Doodles 
  8. Gemma Andrews 
  9. Vegan Sudz Shop 
  10. Pam Harrow
  11. Jane Barlow 
  12. Carolyn Bertram 
  13. Top Floor Treasures ‎
  14. Lara Humphreys 
  15. Danielle Mansell 
  16. Japan Crafts 
  17. Kelly 'womble' Johnson
  18. Imagination Beads 
  19. Pauline Inglis 
  20. Cosmic Eden 
  21. Sue 'Sooz' Simmons
We used to select this weeks winner, and the lucky winner is Danielle Mansell from Colour Me Fun


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