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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ready - Set - Post

Don't forget that you can now purchase a printed copy of our current issue. We are working on a method of lowering the cost for following issues but this does give you the opportunity of owning one.

This weeks Ready - Set - Post competition was open this week to all our facebook followers. If you don't know about us yet, where have you been! You can catch up with all the latest Creative Crafting gossip, competitions, events at

The competition this week was to win a years subscription (6 issues) for an interactive banner advert, worth £16.50!

All you had to do was comment on this picture!

The entrants for this weeks competition were as follows:

1. The Little Floating Craft Company
2. Jan May
3. Fondant Fibre Fondant Fibre
4. Cuttlefish Love Kanzashi
5. Lisa Garside
6. Chris Lynn Jetton
7. Electric Lights Roadshow
8. Deborah Davey
9. Miss Bohemia

This winner this week chosen by is....
Jan May


Due to Facebook regulations surrounding competitions we have now had to change our method of holding these weekly giveaways. The comment form and image are now held on our new Competition Blog on our website. You can find this here
Winners will continue to be announced on here.

1 comment:

Cajame said...

Oh thank you xx

I have no idea what I need to do re this banner? :)

I think I know what you mean. I expect I can run one up - is there a size I need to conform to?