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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Give Your Wedding the Personal Touch - Guest Post by Amanda Walters

Give Your Wedding the Personal Touch 
Guest Post by Amanda Walters
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The wedding is a time to celebrate the love and commitment between two people in a way that is personal to them and done unlike any other has been done before. There are typical traditions and themes, which, will appear in most weddings, yet there are certain things to do that will ensure your wedding will stand out as much as possible as being individual to you.

Make it Your Own
Your wedding is about you and your partner and although it is important what your family and friends think, it is predominantly about what the happy couple would like to see at their happy day and how they wish to showcase their love for all to see. It is easy for other people to attempt to take over with their suggestions, ways they would do it and ideas they may have. Sticking to what you want will mean that you have the wedding of your dreams and will be responsible for a truly amazing day.

Personalise to You
Make sure it is clear just whose wedding it is. Your names, images, style signatures should be everywhere within the wedding and be clear that you have had the largest amount of involvement within your own wedding. The little things make it clear that you are the ones that are celebrating and you want to ensure the focus of the day is where it should be: on the happy couple.

It wont be just one person or even the couple that organise the wedding, as much as the ideas will be there’s, there are other people with input. The bridal party (bridesmaids) grooms men and the parents of the bride and groom play an important role in the success of the wedding and should be thanked with gifts that sentimental and personal to not only them but to your day.

For a truly personal feel, you can make your own wedding favours, decorations, invitations, table plans and embellishments that are a vital part of any wedding day. The homemade feel will create the perfect sentiment around the wedding and is done so easily with crafting experts such as providing the necessary materials and inspiration.

Cost effective
The cost of a wedding can quickly spiral out of control and before you know it you have spent thousands of pounds on areas that do not necessarily warrant it. It is a good idea to cost insignificant costs wherever possible to bring down the entire cost wherever possible. It is often the smaller items that are needed, that will cost the most money.

When you can stand back on your wedding day and see the hard work and effort has paid off, it makes it far more satisfying that you have had the wedding day of your dreams, for a realistic cost and you have been able to show perfectly the love you have for your partner. Weddings are not an easy event to plan simply because there is so much to do to create the best day possible but it is certainly worth it in the end when you are happy with every aspect and the day as a whole.

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