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Thursday, 1 August 2013

More from our August 2013 Issue, Number 24

Our August 2013 includes articles from:

Millie-Mae, Toby & Mummy makes... Eton Mess

This month’s make fell into place when the children asked to go strawberry picking on a very hot Saturday afternoon. So our challenge started with finding and picking a lovely large basket of strawberries. But what to do with them all having paid for them? Well, I thought it would be nice for Mummy (me) to take a step back this month and let the children (Millie-Mae and Toby) take total control. As they are young, it had to be kept simple, and yes Eton Mess is really simple – but it’s delicious and just perfect for two under 7s to rustle up on their own!

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Gluten Free & Dairy Free Recipes
Forgiving, quick and easy recipes free from gluten and dairy products by Elderberry Arts.
Recipes for:

Grilled Pineapple and Coconut
Banana Ice cream
Avocado chocolate pudding

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Crafting on a Budget

In theory the weather is usually nice atthis time of year, but as we all know it’s definitely hit and miss so far in 2013. I’m sure we all love to be outside when the sun is shining, and with the limited sunny days we’ve had so far it’s nice to seize them as they land.

I don’t know about the rest of you but the sunshine certainly throws my creative drift into overdrive, and if I can take my crafting outside it’s even better. Just recently Yorkshire has been blessed with masses of sunshine and with it came an abundance of inspiration, not only for some new products but for my next Crafting on a Budget article.

Whilst playing in the garden with my young niece I discovered some old terracotta pots that had been cast aside. They were crying out for a good reinvention!

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Create a Salt Patterned Silk Scarf

Make your own gorgeous intricately patterned silk scarf to wear in this fabulous summer weather!

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Damoiselle Designs

I got hooked on crafting when I was little - I was always borrowing fabric or buttons from my mum and ‘making’ something that would inevitably look strange and fall apart a few minutes later. I started crafting a bit better when I was about ten - I set up a mini business decorating and selling hair bands to friends, but when I got to comprehensive school  making your own things became ‘uncool’ and I slowly drifted into other hobbies. But now here I am a few years later at fifteen with an admittedly slightly bigger business set up!
My mum’s been selling her crafts online for a while now, and when she realised my interest in practicing some of the techniques from my Textiles GCSE class, she suggested that we buy the equipment needed and make a few things to sell. And so Damoiselle Designs was born.

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