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Friday, 29 November 2013

Project: Silk Stocking Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial

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You will need:
Hand painted silk or fancy fabrics of your
Needle and thread or sewing machine
Iron on interfacing
Ribbon for hanging
Gold iron fix outliner for decoration (or
beads / buttons / sequins)

Step 1. Choose your fabric, with a
small enough pattern that it will look
good on the stocking. Choose a
contrasting or coordinating piece for
the top. You could also make a piece
of patchwork.

Step 2. Select a piece big enough
to make two stocking pieces, and
back it with iron-on interfacing. This
makes it more rigid and helps it to
be a more robust tree ornament.
(The interfacing is optional if you are using heavy / upholstery fabric.)

Step 3. Cut out two stockings,
leaving room around them for
seams. Remember you need one
facing each way, so you may want
to do this by folding your fabric in

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