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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

DIY fabric festive wreath

DIY fabric festive wreath

By Cassie from

Christmas starts here! As soon as bonfire night has finished, that is the start to my festive season. Some may say it’s too soon, but I’ve already had to hold myself back from watching Christmas films and singing carols. Okay, I’ve already done a little bit of Christmas shopping and I did actually watch a couple of TV Christmas specials on DVD during the half term holiday… And I’ve been buying the ingredients for my Christmas cake. So even though I’ve tried not to let Christmas take over my life completely, it’s been creeping in and now I can finally let my festive feelings run wild!
So today I’m kicking off with a quick tutorial for making my own fabric wreath. I actually intended to make this wreath last year so really I’m just 12 months behind rather than ahead. I wanted to create a red and blue fringed wreath as the basis of a whole red and blue theme this Christmas. I bought the polystyrene ring from a craft shop last year (I think it was The Range which had a pack of 2 for £1) and I’ve decided to wrap this in red, blue and pink strips of fabric to make a handmade decoration.

Here’s how to do it yourself: 

1.    Choose a few pieces of fabric in your favourite festive colours and cut these into long thin strips. The length of these really depends on the thickness of your wreath ring so measure around the circumference and then double this measurement. This will give you enough fabric to wrap around the wreath and knot in place.

2.    Tie on your fabric strips in alternating or random colours and textures with a double knot at the back of the ring. 

3.    Continue adding the strips all the way round to create a bushy, frilly, full wreath. I used a mixture of red fleece, tulle, blue cotton and the bunting fabric to create my wreath, with the tulle giving it a spiky fullness.

4.    At the top of the wreath wrap a long piece of ribbon around the top and knot in place to use as a hanging loop.
5.    Tie a second piece of ribbon over the top of this one and knot before tying into a pretty bow to finish off the design.

I think my homemade wreath will look great hanging in the dining room when I lay my festive table with red placemats and my favourite collection of baby-blue ‘Grey Dawn’ crockery. This DIY project is a great way to use up all the fabric scraps that you’ve kept all year because they ‘might come in handy for something’ – well, this is the project for you! I’m definitely in the mood for Christmas now – bring it on! What do you think of my home-made wreath? Will you have a go at making one yourself this year?