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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Make your own Paper Beads

Published in issue 18, August 2012
Written by Elderberry Arts

You will need:
Craft knife
Metal ruler
Cutting board
Glue stick
Needle or similar (this will determine the size of the beads hole)
Paper - these beads can be made with pretty much any paper you chose, even old magazines, leaflets etc. Great for recycling!

Step 1.  Mark the paper at 1/2 inch intervals along one side. Repeat along the opposite side.

Step 2. Align your ruler with one corner of the paper and draw a line from here to the second 1/2 inch pencil mark.

Step 3. Continue to mark out the triangles until your paper is filled.

Step 4.  Now cut out each triangle with the knife. You can also just cut the triangle without marking them first if preferred.

Step 5. I prefer to put a sheet of scrap paper on my board for this step as it stops it getting covered in glue but this is not essential. Take one of your paper triangles and cover the back with glue leaving about an inch at the top (the widest point) without glue. Roll paper around the needle until you reach the end. Press the paper end down firmly, adding more glue if needed.

Step 6. Continue with the remaining paper triangles.
Beads can now be used for a variety of projects and can also be glazed to
make them shiny and more durable. Though they are surprisingly strong just as they are.
If you wanted to make larger or smaller beads, the width of the widest end
of the triangle determines the finished length.

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