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Thursday, 29 November 2012

In the Spotlight with Mr X Stitch

 Published in Issue 19, October 2012
Written by Mr X Stitch

Jamie Chalmers, also known as Mr X Stitch is on a mission is to bring the world of cross stitch and embroidery to a whole new audience.He has been cross stitching for years and really believes in the benefits of stitching, both from a relaxation and a sustainability perspective.
Many of you may have seen Jamie on ‘Kirstie’s Handmade Britain’.

Each issue, Jamie introduces us to a fascinating member of the crafting community. If you have missed out on any of Jamies interviews you can find them online for FREE from the Creative Crafting website back issues page.

This issue I am pleased to present Erin Riley – super weaver!

Name: Erin M Riley

Medium: Tapestry

What’s your story?I am a Scorpio, a middle child, I’m vegan. Oh, I went to art college for fibers in Boston, Massachusetts where I learned to weave freshman year and never stopped weaving since. I went to graduate school and kept weaving tapestries and since then I have continued weaving and making new work. My technique is always changing and hopefully getting better as I grow as a weaver and artist. I have been pretty obsessed with traumatic events, drug use and the issues that surround growing up as a woman who didn’t have a father figure. My work touches on many issues, but I believe they all go together.

What’s your favourite piece of work thus far? So far I would have to say my favorite is Passed Out from 2011. It’s just the right amount of sad that I love.

What do you find challenging? Making work on the same theme over and over again, I think it’s somewhat necessary to touch on the same things and learn something from each new piece but I tend to want to rush through and move on to a new subject. I am working on doing more similar pieces.

Any advice for newbies? Don’t give up! Be positive and try to find the resources that are out there for artists.

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