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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Snow Quartz Christmas Angel Keyring

Published in Issue 20, December 2012
Written by Clare from Elderberry Arts

Snow Quartz Christmas Angel Keyring

Wire cutters
Round nosed Pliers

What you will need
Split ring with chain key ring 
2.4 cm angel wing
4.5 cm head pin
6 mm snow quartz bead
8 mm snow quartz bead

Step 1. Create the angel by placing the beads onto the head pin in the following order: 8 mm snow quartz bead, angel wings and then the 6 mm snow quartz bead.

Step 2. Bend over the head pin above the 6 mm bead and trim so there is approximately 1 cm remaining.

Step 3. Use the round nosed pliers to create a loop with the end of the head pin.

Step 4. Open the ring on the end of the key ring finding and attach the angel by the loop created in step 3. 
Close the loop.

These angels could also be used to make pendants.
By using 6 mm and 4 mm beads a smaller angel can also be created and used to make matching earrings.

Snow Quartz
Snow quartz is sometimes also known as milky quartz. It is a calming and gentle stone that is thought to enhance meditation and to ease emotional outbursts. Snow quartz is believed to help with mental stress and improve concentration. 

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