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Friday, 28 September 2012

An Interview with ... Auli'i Beads

Published in Issue 19, October 2012

Tell us about the lady behind Auli’i Beads 
So, a bit about me ... I've always loved jewellery and you could frequently hear "not more bracelets? " being said in my general vicinity. A colleague asked just how many bracelets etc I had, as I always seemed to have different ones on and they always seemed to be colour co-ordinated with whatever I was wearing. What can I say I like jewellery!

When did first begin creating your designs, and why?
I began creating my designs in the last 18 months. I'd bought some beading elastic to repair a bracelet which had broken and had quite a bit left over. I was going out and I just couldn't find a bracelet to go with the outfit I was wearing and I remembered the left over elastic. I decided to get some beads and make myself a bracelet as I'd be able to get exactly what I wanted then. I was pretty much hooked after that.

What is it that you enjoy about your work?
I've always wanted to be creative but really didn't think I had it in me until I started making bracelets and getting positive comments. I love designing new items. There isn't anything about it I don't like (expect having too many ideas at one time).

What is your biggest crafting achievement, and why?
I think my biggest achievement to date has been making a bracelet for a friend's boyfriend. It was one of the first woven bracelets I'd made, so I was a bit nervous. Not only that but it was the first time I'd made something for a man, my designs are usually for women. The bracelet was a surprise for my friend's boyfriend and I'm pleased to say he was delighted with it.

Other than your crafting, what else do you like to do?
Other than crafting I love watching films, reading and I'm a big Rugby League fan.

If you had to choose your favourite from your creations which one would it be?
I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite from my creations but if I had to at the moment it would be one of my charm bracelets "Rouge Noir". I just love it. Luckily I have very tiny wrists so I can't keep this one for myself!

Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration comes from all over the place. It can be something I see while I'm out, something in a magazine, a book or on tv.

If you could change one thing about what you do, what would it be?
If I could change one thing about what I do, it would be to give myself more hours in the day to work on my designs.

Do you have a favourite website?
I don't have a a favourite website but love looking at anything bead related.

Has any person helped or supported you more than any other?
I'm lucky that my friends and family have all been really enthusiastic and supportive of my jewellery making. It's lovely that they all get excited for me.

Tell us a random fact about yourself!
A random fact about me - I have an 8 year old long haired chihuahua called Tito.

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