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Friday, 28 September 2012

Make a Crystal Band Watch with Tassle

Published in Issue 19, October 2012
Written by Sally-Jo from The Bead Bounty

This piece was inspired by the beautiful colours of autumn and is perfect for the party season ahead.

Approximately 56 Crystals for the bracelet (I have used 4.5mm x 5.5mm doughnut beads)
7 x 4mm contrasting bi-cone Crystals for the tassel and chain dangle
Size 11 seed beads for the tassel
2 x wire protectors
2 x 4-5mm jump rings
1 x eye pin
1 x head pin
1 x clasp
1 x 50mm piece of chain
1 x 12mm end cone
2 x 50cm lengths of fishing/fire line
Beading needle and beading thread
Glue or clear nail varnish
Round/Flat and side cutter pliers
A beaders watch face 

Beads and watch face used produced a 7 and a half inch band.

Step 1. With the first piece of fishing/fire line, thread on a wire protector and position it at the centre of the thread
Step 2. Thread on first crystal crossing the threads through the bead hole and positioning the bead centrally to the wire protector.
Step 3. Pick up 2 beads on one thread and 1 bead on the other thread. 
Step 4. Pass the thread with the one bead on through the second bead on the first thread so that the threads cross again and pull the threads tight.Step 5. Continue this process until you have added 28 beads in all.
Step 6. Pass the threads, one through each side, through the hole on the watch.  
Step 7. Pass the threads through the first bead on the strap and then back through the hole on the watch and once more through the first bead on the strap.
Step 8. Run the threads back through the length of the strap in the same way as before with the threads immerging at the same place just above the wire protector.  
Step 9. Tie a good knot and add a dab of strong glue or nail varnish.
Step 10. Run the extra thread up through several beads, tying knots as you go and adding glue then cut off excess.  Repeat the above for the other side of the strap.
Step 11. Add a 4mm bi-cone crystal to the head pin.

Step 12. Bend the pin to a 45 degree angle.
Step 13. Shorten the wire to approximately 6-8mm with wire cutters.
Step 14. Using the round nose pliers, make a loop.
Step 15. Attach the loop to one end of the 50 mm chain.
Step 16. Attach the other end of the chain to one end of the bracelet.
Step 17. Using a jump ring, add the clasp to the other end.
Step 18. Thread the bead needle with approximately 50cm of thread and tie one end to the loop of your eye pin.
Step 19. Pick up 20 size 11 seed beads.
Step 20. Pick up 1 4mm bicone crystal and 1 seed bead.
Step 21. Pass the needle back up through the crystal and pull the thread so that the crystal meets the seed beads.
Step 22. Now pass the needle up through the 20 seed beads and the loop on the eye pin. Please read N.B below before you continue with 23.
Step 23. Repeat this process 5 more times and tie the two ends of the thread together. Add a dab of glue and trim the excess thread. 

N.B I have done 2 strands with 20 seed beads, 2 with 22 seed beads and 2 with 24 seed beads but you can do them all with 20 if you wish and you can also do them shorter if you feel that the tassel is too long for you.

Step 24. Put the bead cone on to the wire of the eye pin and over the top of the seed beads. Now repeat step 12 – 14 above to make the loop for your tassel.
Step 25. Using the second jump ring, attach the tassel to the Watch Band.

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