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Friday, 28 September 2012

How to create your Candle Cup

Published in Issue 19, October 2012
Written by Bridge from Inkahoots

How to create your Candle Cup

You will needVintage/pretty coffee or teacup
Length of 1" wick
Wick fastener
Small long-nosed pliers
Wooden skewers 
Wax (block or beads)
Scented oil
Patterned paper
Small saucepanPlastic jugScissors

Step 1 Wash & dry cup. Cut a length of wick. Make sure it's long enough to reach the base of your cup from the rim, plus enough to tie a knot.

Step 2 Thread wick through the wick fastener until there's a small end left on the flat side. Pinch the raised collar on the top side tightly with the pliers to secure the wick.

Step 3 Balance a wooden skewer across the top of the cup and tie the loose end of the wick to it, so that the wick fastener lies flat on the bottom of the cup with the wick taut. Make sure the wick is central. 

Step 4 Melt the chopped wax or beads in a saucepan over a low heat until clear.

Step 5 Pour a small amount of wax into the jug and then into the bottom of your cup to fix the wick and it's fastener in place. Let it solidify. Keep the rest of the wax melted in the pan over a really low heat.

Step 6 When ready, pour the wax into the jug and add the oil - the more you use, the stronger the scent! Stir in well. 

Step 7 Pour the remaining wax into the cup, keeping the wick central. Don't fill it to the top - leave room for topping up the wax as it can shrink a little when cool. Let it cool and solidify.

Top up the wax, using the same method as before, if you need to. Again, do not fill the cup to the rim, let it cool and solidify.
To finish, cut a pretty paper topper, poking a hole in the middle for the wick and place on top of the wax. Tie a coordinating ribbon to the handle…

                                                                                         …. and there you have it, a really pretty present for yourself or a friend! You can make so many lovely variations with different scents and styles of cup - I tend to do mine in batches like little cakes. Have fun!

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