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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Beaded Bead Necklace

Published in Issue 21, February 2013
Written by Sally from The Bead Bounty

Beaded Bead Necklace 

You will need
Beading thread
Beading needle
Size 11 seed beads
Size 6 seed beads
A clasp if you wish to add one, but this necklace works well as a continuous piece that just slips over the head. 

Step 1. Thread the needle with approximately 2mt beading thread and pick up 3 size 6 beads.  Pass them down the thread and leave a 6” tail.  (This will be used to tie off the necklace later).

Steps 2 & 3. Pick up 2 size 11 beads, 1 size 6 bead and 2 size 11 beads and pass the needle through the first 3 size 6 beads to create a loop .

Steps 4 - 7. Pick up another 2 size 11, 1 size 6 and 2 size 11 beads and pass the needle through the first 3 size 6 beads again to create another loop.

Repeat this process until you have 7 bead loops with the original 3 beads at their centre.  This is your first beaded bead.

Step 8. Pick up 10 size 11, 1 size 6 and 10 size 11 seed beads.

Step 9. Now start a new bead by repeating steps 1-7 and making sure that you keep the first 3 size 6 beads tight up against the 10 size 11 beads so that no thread is showing.  Add another four beads in this way so that you have 6 beaded beads with bead strings in between. 

Step 10. At this point for the necklace shown, I added 7 beaded beads with 1 size 6 bead in between each one to give a central focal point.

You can continue to add beads and bead strings for an even longer necklace. 
Tie the ends together and thread the ends through several beads to tidy them up. I always run a second thread through the length of the necklace to add strength. (Just make sure that you have the same spaces between the beaded beads)

To make it the same way as I did, only do four beads at point 6 instead of 6 and add a clasp. 
My necklace measures approximately 20 inches long (you will need to add an extra 10 size 11, 1 size 6 and 10 size 11 seed beads to each end to keep it even before you add the clasp). Either way will give you a very attractive and pretty necklace to wear or to give as a gift.

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