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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Shabby Chic Heart Cushion

Published in Issue 21, February 2013
Written by Katie from old skool retro kitsch boutique

Shabby Chic Heart Cushion

You will need:

Measuring Tape
Cushion Inner (18inch)
Lace 18 inches in length x 2 (if required)
Fabric enough for 18inches by 18 inches for the front panel
Fabric enough for 18inches across by 27 inches down for the back piece
Fabric - for heart detail on front
Sewing Machine

1. Decide on the fabric that you would like to use for the front of your cushion then measure 18 inches by 18 inches square and cut this out.

2. Next choose the fabric that you would like your heart in, fold it in half and draw half a heart so that when you open it out it will feature a full symmetrical heart, then cut this out.

3. Then place your heart and lace (if required) on the square that you are using for the front.

4. Next, pin the lace and the heart in place, remembering to leave approx 1cm gap to allow for seam allowance.

5. Place the front piece of fabric on the fabric that you want to use for the back of the cushion and use this as a guide, measure the back piece of fabric 9 inches longer than the front piece and cut out.

Then cut the piece of fabric for the back part of the cushion in half and put to one side for the moment.

6. Now you need to sew the lace (if required) on to the front panel, using a straight stitch along the top and bottom, then change the stitch to zigzag stitch and sew on the heart.

7. Lay the front piece of fabric flat, and take one half of the back pieces and lay it on top, front sides facing, making a fold over at the bottom to hide the raw edge, then do the same with the other piece starting at the bottom and folding over the raw edge that is in the middle. 

8. Pin into place. Turn the cushion over and pin from this side as this is the side we will be sewing from.
Sew all the way round using a straight stitch, then trim down the excess and cut the corners as shown in the picture.

9. Using zigzag stitch all the way round to stop the fabric from fraying and trim any loose cotton. 

10. Using a straight stitch, stitch along the edge of the folded fabric that is hiding the raw edges to secure them in place.


11. Then finally turn it all the right way around and add the cushion inner! 

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