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Friday, 8 July 2011

Guest Blog Spot - Polka Dot Blue

Hello lovely creative crafters, I’m Leonie from Polka Dot Blue, a craft and design blog and I’m really excited to be guest blogging here today.

Today I’m sharing a little project of mine, but first I need to tell you a little secret...I’m terrible at origami.

Last year I was gifted an origami calendar; 365 pieces of origami paper with a different project for each day. After two weeks and many failed attempts I came to realise that my unique take on this ancient art form just wasn’t working out. So I decided to find alternative projects for all of that beautiful paper. 

Welcome to my ‘Top Four Things to do with Origami Paper that isn’t Origami’.

Number 1:

This is almost too easy, make a template of the shape of your choice; it could be birds,  boats or even letters, and cut out enough to make two metres of bunting. Sew onto a 2 ½ metre length of thread, et voila! Colourful and fun bunting.

Number 2:

Greetings Cards
This project is also pretty easy. To make greetings cards I simply sketched various designs onto tracing paper and then transferred them onto the back of the origami paper. I then cut each design out and glued it onto a card blank. The designing is the longest part, but they are very well-received by friends and family.

Number 3:

Love Letter Envelopes
Origami paper is just the right size to make tiny 7cm square envelopes. These are perfect for adorable love letters or using as a very cute and personal gift tag.

Number 4:

Gift Bows
A beautifully wrapped gift makes even the mundane amazing (socks, for example) and there is absolutely nothing better than an awesome hand-made bow. I made this project using this fantastic tutorial:

So there you have it, my favourite things to make with origami paper. What are you favourite paper projects?
Thanks for reading!

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