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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Week 6 . Ready - Set - Post

Welcome back to week 6, of Ready - Set - Post. This week you have the chance to win an interactive A6 advert in the next issue of Creative Crafting Magazine.

All you had to do was comment on this picture.

Ready - Set - Post Image

Here all all the entrants that entered this week. Not many of you this week though for such a fantastic prize!

Unfortunately, some of you did not leave any contact information, so we couldn't directly email you without 'friending' first. Please remember to leave your email address, or Facebook page address so we can contact you directly in the comments box. Thank you!

  1. Chris Hyde ✫ ✫ ‎Jimmy James Designs 
  2. Tracey Kifford 
  3. Deborah Davey 
  4. Claire Wildgoose 
  5. Vegan Sudz Shop ‎
  6. Denise Higgins
  7. Little Floating Craft Company
  8. Top Sock Drawer
  9. Miss Bohemia
  10. Kelly 'womble' Johnson
We used to choose or winner, and the lucky crafter is.... Deborah Davey from Two Cheeky Monkeys. 


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