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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Week 7 . Ready - Set - Post

This week, the competition was to win a Years Subscription for our Live Interactive Banner Advert from our Halloween issue onwards (6 issues). All you had to do was comment on this picture.

Ready - Set - Post Image

Unfortunately, some of you did not leave any contact information, so we couldn't directly email you without 'friending' first. Please remember to leave your email address, or Facebook page address so we can contact you directly in the comments box. Thank you!

  1. Karen Rickard 
  2. Japan Crafts
  3. Miss Bohemia
  4. Mad About Bags
  5. Pirate Pixie Crew
  6. Rach Ael 
  7. Averilpam Design
  8. Natasha Middleton-Lidbetter 
  9. Julia Wykes
  10. Lane Lynn 
  11. Libby's Made It ‎
  12. Melissa Merchant
We used to choose or winner, and the lucky crafter is.... Julia Wykes from Bodkin and Bead


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