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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Week 5. Ready - Set - Post

It is week 5 already of our all new weekly competition of Ready - Set - Post! This week you all had the chance of winning of an interactive chunky banner advert in the August issue of Creative Crafting!

All you had to do, was comment on this cute little image!

Ready - Set - Post Image

As usual, all the entrants are listed and numbered below. We had 21 crafters enter the competition this week!
  1. Kim Harvey-Nash 
  2. Deborah Davey 
  3. Scottish Princess Designs 
  4. Lisa Garside 
  5. Margaret Forsythe 
  6. Phoenix Brighton 
  7. Charis Lynn Jetton 
  8. Ro Regan 
  9. Kristine Sims 
  10. Mystic MoonShadow's Magickal Jewellery
  11. Judith Brandsness Wolford 
  12. Woodland Gifts 
  13. Karen Rickard 
  14. Kelly 'womble' Johnson ‎
  15. Zhuzh 
  16. Sammi's Wooden Bunting Plaques 
  17. Averilpam Design ‎
  18. Miss Bohemia 
  19. Amanda Bryan 
  20. Anita Mistry 
  21. Eleanor Stafford 
We used to choose our winner! This weeks lucky crafter is Kim Harvey-Nash from Kims Colourway!


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