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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Father's Day Memo Board

Father's Day Memo Board
Published in Issue 23, June 2013
Written by Katie from Oldskoolretro Kitsch Boutique

What you need:

Canvas, any size (I use 30cm by 40cm)
Fabric of your choice
Wadding (I use Medium)
Ribbon at least four metres for this size
Staple Gun

Step 1. First take the canvas that you want to use and lay it face down on the wadding, cut the wadding with at least three inches extra all the way round.

Step 2. Choose one side of the canvas, fold the wadding over and staple it down, leaving the corners till last, then do the same on the opposite side, then do the same for both remaining sides. Fold the corners of the wadding flat and secure them in place.

Step 3 & 4. Next, lay the fabric out and place the canvas with the wadding on face down on top and cut the fabric out with at least three inches extra all the way round. Staple down in the same way that you have done with the wadding.

Step 5. Once the fabric is secured, then we need to tidy up the edges at the back, so fold the fabric over the wooden frame of the canvas and tuck it behind all the way around. Then staple just on the inside of the frame, all the way around to tidy it.

Step 6. Now is the time to add the ribbons, staple the first edge of the ribbon on the back, then put across the board in a diagonal direction and staple down at the back. Continue till you have finished putting them in the one direction.

Now do the same with the ribbons from the opposite direction making sure you weave the ribbon over and under the one that is already secured.

You now need to staple down some ribbon on the back in order for you to hang it; I always use five staples on each end of the ribbon to secure it.

You are now finished, hang it up and decorate as you wish!

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