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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Marbled Tie (on shaving foam!)

Marbled Tie (on shaving foam!)
Published in Issue 23, June 2013 
Written by Jane from Jane Cameron

This project would make a perfect gift for Father’s day.

You will need …1 plain white silk tie
Iron fix silk paint in your choice of colours
Pipettes or droppers
1 can economy shaving foam
1 bin bag
Cocktail sticks / kebab sticks / marbling comb
A plastic ruler or similar
An old credit card

Step 1. Cut your bin bag down the sides and open it up so you have one long piece of plastic. This should be as long as your tie. Tape it to the table.
Step 2. Spray the shaving foam on to the plastic in about the same shape as your tie. Smooth it down with the ruler so it’s nice and flat.

Step 3. Use the pipette to drop the paint on to the shaving foam

Use the cocktail sticks or marbling comb to make patterns in your shaving foam. Try drawing stripes or spirals in the foam.

Step 4. Lay your tie face down on top of the foam and pat it down. Leave it for half a minute so the paint can soak into your tie.

Step 5. Peel the tie off the foam quickly, starting at one end – most of the foam should stay on the binbag.

Step 6. Put your tie face up on the bin bag and scrape off the excess shaving foam with the credit card. Then repeat the process for the back of the tie.

Leave your tie to dry naturally.

Iron your silk (as per instructions on the bottle) to fix the paint into the silk, then gently hand wash to remove any shaving foam residue. Iron while damp to ensure a nice smooth finish. Your item can also be dry-cleaned.

Why not do a matching handkerchief, or a piece of fabric to cover a notebook?

To find stockists, and more about the fabulous art of silk painting, visit Jane Cameron at and the Guild of Silk Painters at

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