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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Millie - Mae & Mummy Makes - A Wooden Plaque for Grandad's Garden

Millie - Mae & Mummy Makes - A Wooden Plaque for Grandad's Garden
Published in Issue 23, June 2013
Written by Tracey from WowThankYou

You will need:
Wood (for plaque and stake)
Wooden letters
Paints (various colours)
Lots of brushes
PVA glue
Clear varnish
Decoration (stickers and stick on figures)

Step 1. Because our piece of wood wasn’t 100% suitable for living outdoors, we started by painting it all over (twice) with some white ceiling paint.

Step 2. Once totally dry, paint the plaque with your chosen background colours – we chose mainly yellow with a blue section at the bottom (the pond).

Step 3. While the plaque is drying, carefully paint the wooden letters. Leave to dry, then repeat.

Step 4. Once totally dry, use the PVA glue to stick the letters onto the plaque.

Step 5. While the letters are drying, carefully add your decorations (stickers, etc.) Leave overnight to dry.

Step 6. Attach the stake at the back (drill a hole, and use screws), paint it white all over. Leave to dry.As this is for outdoor use, once all the decorations have dried, we gave the plaque two coats of clear varnish.

Step 7. Leave a good 24-48 hours for the varnish to set hard, then wrap it up and present as a gift to granddad, who promptly put it in place behind his garden fishpond.

Millie-Mae (6) is the daughter of Tracey Kifford, founder and owner of the online marketplace WowThankYou.

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