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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Labradorite Cufflinks Tutorial

Labradorite Cufflinks Tutorial
Published in Issue 23, June 2013
Written by Samantha from One Of A Kind Creations

What you will need: 

4mm and 6mm plain round Labradorite beads
Silver plated Chain links
Silver plated ball head pins
A basic tool kit; including wire cutters, round
nose pliers and two pairs of flat nose pliers.

What to do:

Step 1. Start by picking out two larger and two smaller beads; one by one thread onto a ball head pin and make a wrapped loop.

Step 2. Once you have finished making the wrapped loops for each bead, unfasten two links from a length of chain.

Step 3. Thread a large bead onto one link and close securely (always open and close links back to front like opening a door so as not to weaken the link); open the opposite link and add the smaller bead, close this securely. Copy the process with the second set of beads and your cufflinks are finished.

Mini Tutorial for Wrapped Loops

Step 1. Begin with a headpin and a drilled bead.

Step 2. Insert headpin into the bead and hold firmly close to the top of the bead with round nose pliers.

Step 3. Bend the headpin to a 45◦ angle.

Step 4. Move the pliers so that one half is below the angle and the other above.

Step 5. Carefully bend the headpin around the top part of the pliers, forming the first part of the loop.

Step 6. Move the pliers again so that the top of the loop is sandwiched between the top and bottom parts of the pliers and continue to wrap the headpin until it completes the loop.

Step 7. Holding the loop with the round nose pliers, use a pair of flat nose pliers to hold the end of the head pin and slowly wrap around the neck of the headpin directly under the loop; continue until the headpin meets the bead and there is no longer a gap. Snip off excess with wire cutters and using the flat nose pliers gently squeeze to conceal the end of the headpin.

Step 8. The finished wrapped loops ready for use. 

Tutorial written by Samantha Tookey from One Of  A Kind Creations

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