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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Flower Page Scrapbook Tutorial

Flower Page Scrapbook Tutorial

Published in Issue 22, April2013
Written by Kerry from Scrapbookery

Scrapbooking is a really nice way to show off your photos, and it doesn’t have to be a selection of pictures. 
Doing a really nice simple yet elegant scrapbook page can be the perfect way to showcase one beautiful picture.
One thing that I love to scrapbook are pictures of flowers that my little boy picks for me or buys me. These are such special moments for any mum and the flowers don’t last that long let’s be honest, especially if it has just been picked from the garden. But the sentiment is something that you want to keep forever. 
So what is simpler than taking a picture and scrapbooking it? Too be honest with the advancement of Smart phones there is no reason not to take a picture as you literally can snap the flower as soon as it is given to you and then transfer this picture to your camera and do a digital scrapbook page without even printing of the photo. 
It is then just a case of printing of the whole page that you have designed and putting this into a frame to keep this lovely moment between mother and son or daughter forever and ever.

I have used a Digital Scrapbooking software programme to make this page, the one that I use is My Memories but there are lots of different programmes out there and this can also be done in Photoshop. 

Open up you software and set a page size for your page, I generally work with 12” x 12” pages and this is the size that I have set for my custom pages. But you can choose any size that you like. 
Add a background page to your page; I bought the Chamomile Tea, by Sugar Moon Designs from MyMemories to use for my page. You can get this kit from here 

These kits are fantastic as it means that you have pages and embellishments to use on all your pages, which are all matching and coordinate together. 
Then add a box, to place your picture onto the page, and start to add some embellishments onto the page. Start with some small embellishments and place them where ever you want them on the page, I started with one flower and then two identical smaller flowers, and placed them in a corner of the page. 
Put your picture into the box, and you can rearrange the size, and where you want the picture to go onto the page. 

If you need to move around the embellishments that you first placed onto the page then this is fine. This is advantage of digital scrapbooking, you can move things around repeatedly until you are happy with things. 

I added some ribbons onto my page; with digital software programmes you can put items to the front or back of pages. I put the ribbons on top of the identical flowers and then moved them to the back of the page so that they look like they are behind the flowers. 
Scrapbook pages are fantastic for many things, but they really come alive if you journal on the page. This means that for generations to come people will know what your page is about. I added a small yellow tag, and a button onto the bottom of the page to add some journaling onto the page. 

Once all the embellishments were in place I then added some journaling onto the tag. “Our flowers for Rhianna Lily, for her 1st Birthday 23/03/2013” Journaling doesn’t have to be a lot but if the bare facts are there, as in date, place, people in the picture, or in this case reason for the flowers people will understand this picture for years to come, and will realise why this particular picture was important enough to be scrapbooked. 

Once the page is completed you can print it off yourself and put it into a framed page to hang in your house, or you can put it into an actual Scrapbook album along with lots of other pages.

If you have a go at this Flower Page Scrapbook Tutorial then we would love to see your page here at Creative Crafting. Please do send over your finished page to and we will put them all up in a gallery for everyone to see. 

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