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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Wedding Wonders with No Wonga - Part Four

Wedding Wonders with No Wonga - Part Four

Published in Issue 22, April 2013
Written by Kerry from Scrapbookerry

Mr L proposed, I said yes and now we are trying to get the wedding of our dreams with the least amount of money possible. Some things we are making ourselves, some things are being given to us, others we are getting through hard labour and lots of routing around for bargains and other things just can’t be budged. So we will try some haggling instead. 
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Wedding Dresses
A wedding dress is one of the most important items within a wedding, anyone that has every watched an episode of Don’t Tell the Bride will more than likely heard a phrase similar too “if I don’t like the dress I am not getting married”

It is something we all dream about I think, and something that takes a long time to choose. 
There is also a vast collection of dresses. 

You can go with a very simple dress, a completely elaborate designed dress, a bling dress, a ball room style dress or a mermaid style dress just to name a few.

You can have it short, long, mid length, or just showing of the front of your leg. You can have your dress strapless, halter neck, thin straps, thick straps, sleeves, no sleeves, high necked, backless or with a heart cleavage. 

The colour of your dress is also very versatile, it can be ivory, champagne, white, red, pink, black or even a bit of a mixture you can have flowers all over it if you desire and the material again can be plain, or elaborate, silk, or lace there are numerous options. 
Actually loads of variations and options. 

It is a minefield out there. 

But the variation doesn’t stop there. 

The price of a dress varies from cost effective to the absolute other end of the scale! Where you are looking at a few months’ mortgage payments to get your dress, we are trying to be a little practical so I have already realised that it is very worthwhile to look around. As the dresses vary a lot in different places. 

I really haven’t had a clue about what dress to get. Or even when to start looking. I went to a wedding fair a few weeks ago and they had a Wedding Dress show at the fair and all the shops suggested that for an August 2014 wedding my best bet was to start looking around Christmas time. 

But what to look for?

I am not the slimmest of brides, although I am hoping to have lost a few pounds before the wedding day, but I generally have an hour glass, to an apple body shape. So I need a dress that not only works around my wide hips and bum, but also covers my large bust. The only thing that I am determined about is not to be pulling up my dress all day long as it is slipping over my bust. So straps are a must. 

I could go for the traditional, quirky or with a vintage feel being that we are doing a vintage tea party. 
I am not wanting too expensive even though there are some lovely expensive pieces out there. 
Or do I go for the ultimate Do It Yourself Wedding and actually look into making one myself? 
If you are interested in helping us along the Wedding Wonders with No Wonga journey then please do contact us at 

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